Wednesday, October 23, 2013

UFO Caught On Deer Camera - Louisiana, USA

Deer camera captures a strange looking UFO in Louisiana, USA. Sent in by a RealUFOs reader.
Filmers comments:
Don't know what the heck it is. Never got anything like this on picture or video before from the deer cameras. The trees in the shot are about 35 yards away and there are other trees behind that, but very little.. I cant tell if the object is in front of the tree leaves or behind it.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Seen this many times with these trail cams. Spider web, sometimes drifting in a breeze, reflects IR LEDs.

Anonymous said...

Hello I have caught very similar footage on a camera in my back garden in the UK. You cant tell the size or what it is, its movement is more erratic and my best guess is its an insect.

Anonymous said...

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