Friday, October 25, 2013

UFO Video Report - Kings Lynn, UK: 23/10/2013

New UFO report in from Kings Lynn, UK.

Filmers comments: Different lighting sequences, wing shapes and to think it all started of with a beautiful White Sphere gliding across the sky then later being escorted later by the three Antarian Batwing crafts, this was a phenomenal night, one I won't forget in a hurry, and I'm sure this is one of many still to come. This event continued throughout the night into the early hours 23 October 2013. Filmed using my Panasonic FZ200, I can't seem to get the Canon focus on movement.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Antarean Batwings? No jumping to conclusions here, I see. And we wonder why mainstream science and acadamia won't go near the phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

LOL:)..Quite right! Greg St. Pierre....Until, "Disclosure" can clarify disbelief,on new science not yet known, or understood.It will remain this way & that's the way it is.

How did people think & feel,when the horseless carriages,hit the streets,banging & smoking! and NOW, look at our carrrr....TV!!, Computers!! & now, we are on the threshold of making the motorcar OBSOLETE:) ROADS TOO!!!.? LOL

After all that hard work and time, of making ROADS,they will now eventually, become OBSOLETE!!! We will move around in the SKY!..well,we do this now! but not on the grand scale that's just around the corner,with a different technology that's SILENT,under super computer management,in the sky, on a virtual reality FREEWAY!! No more flat tyres! No more running out of gas! No more need for oil! and last, but not the least..& Hopefully.. NO MORE ACCIDENTS!!!

If a breakaway SOCIETY have this Technology, WHY have we not got it??? We know the answer,and THAT, is the point for Disclosure!!...............................

Visser said...

Awesome footage. Great quality.

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