Thursday, October 17, 2013

Super Bright UFO Orb! Michigan USA: 12/10/2013

This bright UFO object was witnessed in Michigan USA, on Oct 12th, 2013 . Some argue it's a remote controlled toy craft. What do you think?

Filmers comments: This is probably the best "Close Encounter of the Second Kind" I've ever seen, and the video evidence from this footage will probably put any doubters to rest from the first video. This amazing footage was captured on my home security camera on Oct 12, 2013 @ approx. 2:15 am in my backyard in S.E. Michigan. My security camera footage was pointing north towards my backyard. The two small lights on the ground border the front of my pond. Please take a close look at the orb @ 02:25 as it appears to be drawing the water up from the pond. I'm setting up more cameras this week in the hopes to gain even better footage.
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Anonymous said...

I'm very suspicious of this vid and the owner of it. I noticed that on his youtube channel he has ufo videos on it going back more than a year. This makes him a major UFO buff like me. So, I'm supposed to belive that this major UFO nut just so happened to record a ufo not once, but twice in his own backyard within 2 weeks? I don't think so. I think like other people think, that this is an RC toy with some sort of green light rigged to it shining downward. It's just too good to be true and you know what they say about that. Being from the "UFO rich state of MI myself, I'm a little upset that we have a hoaxer in our midst. I say to jcaterra, "Get a life and quit distracting people from the more important aspects of ufology such as disclosure". Don't be fooled sheeple!!

Christopher Lock said...

Agreed. It moves like a remote helicopter, it blinks in three LED colors like one, it exhibits behaviors unlike the thousands of video captures of the years but more like a model aircraft... and as the above post notes, how convenient that someone who's been posting minor things for a year (so is very into this subject) just happens to have a near-landing on his property... captured by "security cameras" that gaurd his rural countryside, capturing nighttime images of, um, nothing but blackness. Very interesting cameras.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

Anonymous said...

This is interesting but as bright as this object is I wonder why it doesn't reflect in the pond? The shape of the object and its pulsating should be reflected in the pond which the videographer states is directly below it and there is no reflection.The beam appears to be and the multi colors but not the craft (which is much brighter) also wondering why the trees behind it are not illuminated as its lower to the ground. As bright as this is they should lite up as if spot lighted. In the beginning of the footage the tree tops are but then nothing at the end. My theory.. This was staged using a reflection in a plate glass window that overlooks the background. Hoaxer & accomplice used an LED light UFO and laser pointer in a dark room to create the ufo&beam reflection in the window while someone films thru it. Also using the laser pointer outside while filming to light up the trees and create the beams. I've seen this type of hoax before. Notice the blue glare in the glass and how the strobing/reflection fogs the entire picture yet the "space craft"? doesn't illuminate the surrounding trees or reflect on the pond (the object it self doesn't reflect). this is because its an LED light someone is controlling inside the house not at the pond, its a reflection in glass hoax!!

Think About It said...

I'm glad RealUFOs brought this hoaxer back, this show us how easy we can be fooled when we are open to wanting to know the truth. I did the same thing I looked this guy up and read why the first videos was pulled. E.T.s and UFOs are real, there is solid evidence, you need to do your own research. I know most of you really don't think we are the only ones here. I predict that Rose Mary's baby (the one with out a real birth certificate) will introduce the E.T. to the New World Order to bring peace and love.

Pleiadianlightshow Stargazer said...

If all clear ufo clips are fake and all blurred clips are fake then why are we even on this site?

I think this one is real.

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