Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unidentified Source - Light Above Ocala, Florida USA: 11/10/2013

UFO footage from Ocala, Florida: 11th October, 2013.

I was watching the baseball game Friday Night Oct 11, 2013 & went out on the back porch for a cigarette. As soon as I sat at the table I saw 4 maybe 5 orange / red lights traveling in a line above the trees. I freaked! I ran over & banged on the window to get my wifes attention. She came out, I pointed to the lights as I ran & grabbed my video camera. She said " WOW, thats not a plane." I went out into the yard to avoid the screens on the pourch & the bright light on the barn next door. The lights were very far away & probably 4 or 5 times larger than a star.
They were traveling slowly. They came up above the trees out of the NW and were going at a slight angle to the north. As they ascended, the upper most light faded away as did the others as they got to the same spot in the sky. I thought that was it, but a few minutes later, it started again. First one light then another. Only 3 this time. They didn't fade as quickly this time & seemed to reach a certain altitude then started heading north. The spacing between them also grew as they started North.They may have changed to a bluish color as they faded away this time. (it was hard to tell as I was focused on the screen of the video camera). I have worked on military aircraft in the past, worked on the flight line at night & was at sea. NO WAY were these lights from any type of plane or helicopter. I wish I had a tripod!
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Anonymous said...

I was down in Florida in August 2013 and saw 4 orange/red lights ahead of a storm all in a row and then vanish one by one. This was in St. Pete's beach.

elijb36 said...

I've filmed what I think is the same thing twice in Tempe, AZ. My film looks about the same as yours, but shorter unfortunately. The first time, it was just one and it was pulsating orange-red and it eventually disappeared while moving west. The second time, May 10th, 2013, it was the same thing, but 15 in total. a group of 7 moved south, following each other in a line, and slowly ascended into the clouds (one or two of them i saw turn white before disappearing. My girlfriend and I thought it was over, but then another string moved south from the same horizon point as before, going in the same direction. two broke formation in opposite directions before disappearing with the rest. again, there was another pause, and finally one more moved straight up vertically, quite high, from the same origin point as the others, then proceeded to follow the same course. Both of these sightings have been driving me nuts, because I have no clue what to think of them. I've never seen any other UFO's, but after looking around, it seems there are lots of people seeing the same thing all over the world right now. Questions, questions...

Anonymous said...

We have seen a bright light south of Gainesville 4 times now. One while driving to Gainsville and 3 times from our front porch. The light is not a star or planet, not a plane, helicopter or weather balloon. It hovers, no sound, brightens and dims, very bright but no spot light. Then it drops beneath our tree level. 7;00 PM We have cell phone pictures.

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