Thursday, October 17, 2013

UFO Sphere Above Miami, Florida USA: 15/10/13

Did anyone else in the surrounding Miami, Florida area see this object?
 5:19pm EST on 15/10/13.

Filmers comments: Using a modified security camera LG LCB5100 (internal cut-off IR filter removed), and computar motorized zoom lens 16-160mm. A 850nm IR filter is in front of this camera CCD. This LG camera is being used as "finderscope/spotter" for a second PC165DNR camera with 700mm Tasco 60mm scope and 950nm pass IR filter, centering an object of interest in the LG cam FOV will make that object visible on the Tasco FOV that have a lot more magnification, this way is easier to get video closeups of some very rare objects. Both cameras are on top of a PTZ base remotely controlled
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would other people spot something that's only visible in IR? What a stupid question to ask.

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