Saturday, November 09, 2013

UFO over Picture rocks Arizona 11th November 2013

Strange UFO craft over Picture rocks Arizona 11th November 2013

Souce Mufon:
It was a Friday night. Heading from Marana to picture rocks when the object caught my eye. It was very very big triangle shape. Across the road there was 2 other vechiles that stopped and got out of there vehicle to watch what was in the sky. At first I thought maybe it was military until I seen it change shapes and colors. It went straight up and down to sideways. It went very very dim and slowly started moving. To slow for a plane and or helicopter. Then it got very very very bright and huge in shape. Like a triangle shape..boomerang shape..I have a video of it.but I captured the red and white rapid lights and is jumping around quickly. After I stopped filming is when my brother jn law and my fiance seen it change brother in law took a picture ..straight up in the sky and captured a orange orb.i have a video .but in my video you can see the object lights and how fast and slow patters it makes.but can see the shape as good as I seen it with my eyes. The video shows rapid movement and light patterns I was standing still and you can see the object moving crazy like. Sorry for the cuss words I was in shock..but what I describe happend after I filmed. But the rest of what I described is on the video.
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Jason Lugo said...

November 11 2013 at around 830 me and 5 others saw a total of 8 orange lights near peoria. Two came across the sky next to each other then 2 more followed right as the first two were literally disappearing. Then as the second set of two disappear 4 more came along one after another. These lights were bigger than a quarter and much lower than any airplanes in the sky at that moment. No noise was heard at all.

Jason Lugo said...

November 11 2013 me and 6 others saw a total of 8 orange lights each bigger than a quarter in the sky near peoria arizona at 830 pm. They came 2 then before disappearing 2 more and before those were gone 4 more came one at a time. They were fairly low but was absolutely silent. I reported it to channel 3 and channel 15. These were not planes balloons or helicopters or flares. What did we see?

Anonymous said...

I just saw a big oval shaped object but still kinda similar to the lights and shape in the video. very large ufo it sat over a feild in alto michigan. it sat for a good minute before it started to move. way to large to be anything military thats public knowldege. very silent got an eery feeling it hovereid slowly away with another two minutes it just disappeared. it was approx. 8:30-9pm last night. nov. 23

Anonymous said...

I saw oramge lights over Mesa that moved suddenly, disappeared, reappeared then shot off to nothingness back in October 2008. Never will forget it and it's getting more frequent

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