Monday, November 04, 2013

UFO Ovni Sighting Over Spain

Posters comments:
This is the moment a man records a flying saucer being his farm and suddenly a huge tubular shaped UFO appears very low to surface and disappears while another appears from thin air with a speeding object shooting from it. This is great footage, very rare and unexplained.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Looks like it was filmed on actual film. Even so, this look can be duplicated with several great editing software programs now. If it's not CGI it's pretty hard to explain. I do get skeptical when people zoom out for no reason. This is a technique often employed by hoaxers as they think it makes their video more authentic. It doesn't.

geoff.j said...

There are countless ufo,s flying by throughout this recording.What some may percieve as flashes,contributing to a poor recording are craft.If the recording is pauseded on and off quickly in succession they will become apparent.I have videod craft of vareing dimentions on many occasions in daylight hours from my garden.For the doubters out there,why don't you try it ? Not visible to my eye,only on uploading to my laptop did I become aware of the fenomena,but have no doubt many types,and many forms ?

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