Saturday, November 09, 2013

UFO ovnis lights over Buenos Aires, Argentina

11/05/2013 20:24 Magnitude Flares "Unidentified" Heaven ply Buenos Aires, west side "and North / West this record while, were verified and some satellite transits step, if visible large scale Space Station "(ISS), while this was moving about the capital of Argentina, to the South / East ", a large lenticular UFO Flare posterior orbital attitude abnormal step in, N / N / West misteroso hiso one step, since we do not had strokes matches Iridium Satellite Sat Nor " , the mistieroso Flare "is habrio with a higher magnitude of Venus ", just degrees above the beautiful past Lucero positioned for this time in Scorpio (a user friend, confirmed also by networking, watching this phenomenon so far not identified).'s interesting to note though Glaucoart spelling workshop, we are in a time of great activity and eventually Flares Anomalous intense, even knowing the unsuccessful effort, involving observations demonstrate Planetary and talk of magnitudes consistent and accurate "without panicking or delirious" but demonstrating solid evidence and current information I could even have a cause difusorio as warrants the same time, I reiterate is Intense UFO Activity ", Be guided by scholars but their foundations lists and digital lampoons, but see, if it's so easy to get a clean record and clear, yet I know, not figured on the agenda, although the work of check lists verified Satellite heavens above without coincidence , has also been cast, well, maybe someday. Paintings Info report
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