Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Robbie Williams talks about His Ufo Sighting

If you probably haven't read it already Robbie Williams has talked openly on ATS about the ufo sighting which spurred his interest in Ufos :

I was facing Sunset Strip lying on a sun lounger about 11.30 at night in the yard of a hotel I was staying at. The yard area was about 50ft square(maybe less) and at the end of it are palm trees and bushes, which obscures peoples' view from the other side in (and ours out). I was with a friend who was lying next to me on another sun lounger and we were both staring upwards. From what I remember, an object flew over us at about 200 to 300 ft high...it may have been higher I don't know.

It was definitely black with yellow stripes underneath. Now, I'm not sure if it was square or triangle, but I do remember that it made absolutely no noise whatsoever. My friend and I both saw it. I don't know why, but I had a hunch it was one of ours.

In addition to this sightening, there was another very strange occurance I witnessed one Friday night about 5 months ago. My friends and I were playing a song called Arizona (about ufo's) that we had written. It was dusk and, suddenly, a big ball of light appeared over the san fernando valley. We were standing on my balcony at the time. When the song finished it disappeared .......when we played it again it came back on...once again, when the song finished it disappeared.......this happened 4 times.

During this back and forth with the ball of light, an electrical storm came in and the balcony on which we were standing was hit by the lightening. One of my friends said he saw it (the ball of light) fly straight up and out of sight. I can't vouch for this cause I didn't see it with my own eyes, but he was sure that's what he saw happen.......we came in off the balcony after the lightening had just missed us and were stood back in my studio, when, out of nowwhere, (and everybody that was there saw this) a black strip of light a few inches thick came in through the studio door and stretched about 20 feet or so (the length of the studio) and went out through the opposing studio window.

Then 4 white large (spotlight) lights appeared in the clouds ...2 in front of the house and 2 a few miles behind it....Though the shape and look of the light did resemble Hollywood search lights, but the patterns they were making and the distance they were traveling was amazing. This happened for an hour and half from about 10 o'clock at night onwards and then again after 2 o'clock for half an hour...everything shuts down in L.A. at 2 am, so I don't know if it would be legal for a club to put spot lights on at that time in the morning....maybe you could find out?
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LEAX said...

"We were standing on my balcony at the time. When the song finished it disappeared .......when we played it again it came back on...once again, when the song finished it disappeared.......this happened 4 times."


Neurotoxiucum said...

Jep... LOL too

Anonymous said...

It sounds like pour old Robbie has been altering the chemistry in his brain ....

Anonymous said...

one night tree object like airplane in shape stopped over our heads (me and my girlfriend) , emitted a high pitch noise and turn on in sequence three light like spot (tom! tom! tom!..the sound) , this lights rotated (all three ufo at the same moment) and all the object disappeared, last year at 1:00 at night in Italy.

LEAX said...

hmm pretty nice .. no mobile photo ? .. what do you think theyve wanted from you

Anonymous said...

i've uploaded a foto on imageshak and
on another image sharing service little time ago, but now they aren't online, i will reupload again.
i have some hypothesis, but it's only my ideas, since that time my interest is amplified.
The most simple hypotesis is that they try to contact many peoples is possible, many peoples that are "ready to know" for work to "comunicate their presence on the Earth".
For me we are really in hot times..

Anonymous said...

ops..excuse me i don't have a photo but a design that i have made with my hands ok? It was a surprise ! They were at very low altitude..it's difficult to describe with words

LEAX said...

ofc it will be cool ;)

Anonymous said...

how about you go smoke another one bro lol as if something like a ufo would hang around to listen to music what a joke

Anonymous said...

if i will remember..i will upload another time my picture :D

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