Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ufos and Chemtrails - whats going on ?

Hey guys there are many videos on the net showing ufos following chemtrails. The below video is again a good example of this link:

As you may know chemtrails are basically chemical trails that are sprayed from planes. Deliberate chemtrails are different from normal vapour exhaust con trails that come from jets. The spray is usually spread out widely and is often done for scientific purposes. Chemtrails often involve government experiments using heavy metals such as barium to "seed" the clouds to manipulate the weather. Most people are unaware of this and it can often make those who live under them sick. Ufo's however are aware of chemtrails and are commonly seen monitoring them. Are the ufo's inactivating the chemicals or just monitoring them - who knows?
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Mathew said...

I witnessed a massive orb flying next to a chemtrail as it was being sprayed along the shore of Lake Michigan. We are sprayed at least 3 times a week. Something IS going on.

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