Monday, May 19, 2008

Massive New Crop Circle at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam May 2008

A New Crop Circle at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam appeard on the 17th of May 2008. The 3 very large circles seem to have burned away by a high powered heat source. The Locals are amazed!

from the ground


Anonymous said...

Interesting material with regards to the flying saucers/UAP's in the previous post.

I do see why the Vatican is saying religion and science needs to work together, and I'm not saying it from the POV of a religious person. Carl Sagan had noted that if an alien visitor ever stopped by Earth, if would probably be at least a million years more advanced than us, based on the scale of the universe and the fact there'd be no reason for all those intelligent being to have begun evolving at the same relative time. So, it's conceivable there are beings that are maybe a billion years younger than the known universe.. or older. The reason that religion may want a hand in disclosure is because even with science, the age old idea of "things that are too big for us to contemplate" hasn't died. I mean, how do you interpret an alien species that has been around that much longer than us. It would, if anything, be "god-like" or incomprehensible in terms of how they exist, which may not be with technology in any form we could think of. So, the question becomes, how relatable are your aliens?;)

Anonymous said...

I think it's fascinating to think of all the species out there from other galaxies who are like us in terms of their technology. Those that are also confined to their planet and wondering if there are any others like them out there. Non deep space faring creatures must be all over the universe as well. There are probably planets that could be comparable to Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, with very large, scary animals. These "grays" if they exist, are just a drip in a very large pond. It's all contrast. There's always a bigger fish. If humans commonly refer to the greys as the big guys, then who do they look out for..

Anonymous said...

I have seen much better and complex, this seems like someone testing lasers from a satelite or even a plane

Lich said...

Look like grass circle, made by landing triangle ufo. Any radiation around or something?

Lich said...

uh and something, look like there is road (see these cars) not so far, should be witness.

Cowboy said...

As I first saw this I also had the same thoughts as Lich , About the Triangle having seen one myself over my home . It doesn't give my the impression of the crop circles we see as they don't appear burned or browned as this in my thoughts .

Anonymous said...

How relatable are 'your' aleins?
They look like you and me...if you can 'dig' that.

The human race's exposure to "ET" jas only been of one reaction that which is of 'fear'.

"grays"? Grow up!
Humans in space who ARE deep space explorers...wake up people.

crop circles ARE messages

good day and smoke weed

Anonymous said...

Iv`e been there and the crop circles
are way to big to be from landing
I didnt got a very good look even though i was in a stupid traffic jam.
Because the ground is quite leveled
You can almost see some grass gone but the circles are hard to see
But i can compare them to the

Anonymous said...

i think its cool
and it is weird that the grass was burned but i think if something was there then ppl would have seen it cos its a busy road near it but if there was some thing there than cool ans i think its real