Friday, May 23, 2008

Ufo over Tampere finland 12th of May 2008

description from poster:
Wierd "light object" came down to a lake behind the treeline ,traveling along it, sometimes howering at one place, and pulsating strong light through the trees. It changed direction few times and was moving around slowly. The brightnes and the colours of this thing was breathtaking. It completely oversaturated the cellphone cam. The thing looked like it was pulsating. Sometimes it looked disc like and when pulsating it looked like a ball of "energy". At one point there were 3 smaller "objects" around it. I shot a few crappy cellphone footages and zoomed as much as i could as it moved behind the trees. The sighting is under other ivestigation right now. just unbeliveable sighting and experience if you were there.
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Anonymous said...

Video has been pulled/deleted

Any chance of a new link to the video?

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