Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sweden 's UFO released today 9th and 10th of May 2009

Following the european push for Ufo dislcosure Sweden is following the likes of the UK and denmark (According to this Swedish newspaper ) and is releasing all its Ufo files recorded since 1973 today:

( by the way - does anyone in Sweden have the link to the government site releasing the files? if so please reply with the link to this post )

Here is some translation from todays newspaper article in Sweden:

The chairman of UFO Sweden Clas Svahn mentions one case of special interest, a case from 1980.Where two people were out on the trip in a national park in late July.At the lake Nammajaure they suddenly saw a cigar-like craft that came flying and landed on the lake. Slowly declined since the bottom. The couple reported the incident to the military, but no dives been made in the lake so the craft can remain, "says Clas Svahn.

-Reports of UFO-observations in Sweden began to be collected systematically in 1973 and since then the plant archive.
- In the beginning was enough of a bookcase in Södertälje, we now have a 250 square meter large archive in Norrköping with over 18 000 observations that we want to show the public this weekend, "said Clas Svahn.
The archive will be open the ninth and tenth in May initially.
- But if someone wants to come and see another day, they can hear themselves. The reason we did not show the collection before is because we did not have staff, but you have now on a part-time, "says Clas Svahn.
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Anonymous said...

UFO Sweden is not a governmental agency, but a private organization like MUFON and others in the US. I don't see how the Swedish government would be involved in this at all. It's not like the MoD document release in the UK. No previously "classified" information is concerned here.

nimnimnim said...

really hope a few members of the swedish ufo society dive into this.

it was a decade (or more?) ago that a 'politician' type of figure was put as chairman in it resulting in the demise of their efforts. since then all the chairman seems to do is bury each and every report and whenever media asks about the topic he'll tell them there's really nothing worth mentioning being reported in Sweden etc.

I wonder if these files will prove otherwise to society at large :/

nimnimnim said...

Oh right you are! I failed to notice after I presumed it was the archives of FOI that were opened.

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