Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Orange UFO Spotted above Chester Skies

Orange UFO Spotted above Chester Skies
Orange UFO Spotted above Chester Skies

A CITY centre resident was amazed on spotting a UFO flying across the Chester skyline on Sunday evening while standing on his balcony.

Canadian Marty Wilbur, 29, who lives in Hush House, next to The Chronicle office, was on his mobile to a friend back home when he noticed a pulsating orange light rising up in front of him to the east of the city at 9.02pm on Sunday. Quick-thinking Marty filmed the mysterious orange glow as it tracked northwards then disappeared out of sight, possibly behind a cloud.

He said: “I could see this orange ball rising up, at a 90 degree angle, straight up, then it just sat there, sat still for a few seconds. To my amazement it started moving side-ways. Right away I recognised it wasn’t something normal that I had ever seen before.”

Marty, who is used to seeing aircraft over-flying Chester, added: “There was no sound at all. All you can hear are birds chirping on the video.” Rate this posting:

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oxytoxx said...


if you want to know more about orange ufos, pls look at my playlists on my youtube-channel:

Clockwork "Orange Objects 2009" Part I & II

there you can see more about this strange "orange phenomenon" in 2009, mainly in may and june, till today.
i had the same strange experience in may 29th this year. you can see it here:

so, now there are 2 possibilities:

1. i am absoluty unable to differentiate skylanterns, stars or planes...and i have made the best playlists on youtube, about this skylanterns, stars and planes, ever....


2. there is really something going on.

i don't know, i am really confused.

nice greetings from germany


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