Tuesday, May 05, 2009

UFO over Maine Northernmost Portion of New England May 4th 2009

This object was seen over Maine on the 4th of July 09 - Is it a plane or something else? - the formation of lights look strange to me and look very different to the tail lights of traditional craft - any comments on this one people?:
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Anonymous said...

Me and three mates saw this at Formby beach (Merseyside). It was very low and looked like a classic 'black triangle'. We first noticed two circular lights passing through the sky at an odd angle, then the third circular light came on to make the triangle. A red square occasionally flashed in centre. I am sure when the plane passed by that three orange circular lights pulsated temporarily around the three white circular lights. There was a definate 'noise' as it passed through the sky, however it was very gentle whooshing noise.

I am also certain that the craft stayed at odd angles for long periods of time, tilted on its own axis. It seemed relatively low in the sky, simialr to the height of a police helicopter when it is searching for something below.

It seems though that the craft may have come from Warton 'top secret' air base near Preston. We have seen this craft at the same location a few months ago at a similar time.

It is also worth pointing out that Formby does have a minor airfield about 1 mile from the beach used for RAF training (I think).

Anonymous said...

I just realised that the poster of this video was in Maine and I'm in the UK. Must be a coinsidence as we saw this craft about 1:30am on that same morning.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I saw a black triangle 10/31/06 in Madison Me. Started out as two bright lights in the sky we pulled the car over got out and watched it go over us with no sound at about 800`, it was huge it looked very thick also, and had small red light blinking in center once and a while wish I had a video cam. with me, we talk about it every time we drive by that spot on rt. 201A.

Anonymous said...

Youtube account terminated. odd

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