Saturday, May 09, 2009

Search of the New Area 51 i team las vegas May 9, 2009

George knapp and the search for s4 20 years later:

Posters comments:
The most famous, or infamous, military base in the world, Nevada's Area 51, is once again generating its share of wild speculation. The story continues to circulate that the base has either shut down or moved its most sensitive projects to other less-visible locations.

Twenty years ago this month, Eyewitness News started an investigation that put Area 51 on the map. The reason Area 51 became a household name is because of allegations they had flying saucers out there -- things that were made "somewhere else."

In aviation circles, a lot of people figure that story was pure disinformation, concocted by the military to draw attention away from something else that was going on out there. If that's the case, then the tactic surely backfired on the Air Force because, as a result of the saucer story, Area 51 became known all over the world and is still a focus of attention.

Civilian pilots and other eyewitnesses have been seeing strange things in the skies in and around a restricted airspace that straddles the Nevada-Utah border. If there's a base hidden out in this desert, it certainly isn't easy to spot.
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Anonymous said...

Haha! Yeah, when one mystery is solved, time to create another.

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