Saturday, May 09, 2009

My response to the concerns -

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well,

Note: please don't take this the wrong way - this message is addressed to the persons in concern here:

As you may know I have been running since 2006. The blog has gained quite a reputation and become extremely popular and but with this sadly i have also gained some unwanted attention recently:

Over the last few months it has come to my attention that a few of my sites not in connection with realufos are being monitored by the same organisation.

This concerns me a bit, i don't care if they monitor the content of but monitoring my other sites to determine my identity is crossing the line now. I would like to ask this organisation to please back off - the content of this blog is freely available on many other sites like ATS, Youtube and DailyMotion .

There is nothing special here but for the fact that i try to post only legit Ufo sightings - or is that the concern ?

I don't enjoy surveillance which crosses the line in this way - its not right.
Please no more thanks.

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Jarrett said...
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Anonymous said...

the pressure is on to shut you down too much info here for our little virgin eyes and ears.

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