Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recap Dec 2 2006 UFO Alabama With Zoom

An Interesting video with zoom - remember your zoom guys if your filming ufos
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Anonymous said...

pretty convincing footage

Virtually Lucid said...

Sorry. This one look very much like a backlit insect flying on just the other side of the backlit branch to me. Notice the branch has a sort of glowing halo? That's from backlighting and the contrast between light sky and dark object. That sort of backlighting makes small insects glow as the light reflects off of transluscent wings and the hairs of insects' bodies. I've seen this in real life as well as on film when the insect was either originally identified and later filmed, or when it was identified first-person post-filming. I'd like to believe, but this looks like an insect. Also, watch the right of the screen during the original shot and you'll see another insect fly across the screen from bottom to top. *shrug*

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