Sunday, April 06, 2008

UFO FLORIDA 4/5/08 3:08 PM

Posters comments:
I thought it was a plane because of the vapor trail.... but after close inspection realized that it wasnt as you can see its 2 Spheres with a gap in the middle left side green right side metalic. please take notice! left side green and right side metalic.. Rate this posting:


LEAX said...

i have a feeling it was too slow for an airplane

Virtually Lucid said...

That is most definitely a jet, flying at high altitude, with the sun reflecting off the foreground side. The space betwen the two "spheres" is just the wing blocking the reflected light of the fuselage. I've seen this many, many times and have absolutely no doubt. It is the distance of the plane and the angle of the light that tricks the eye.

Lich said...

Airplane reflect light, middle point is shadow made by wings. I seen many times airplanes which strongly reflect sunlight, from some distance they even look like orbs. Sometime even white birds could look very strange.

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