Friday, April 11, 2008

UFO Hunters Episode 10 Invasion of Stephenville Texas 2008 - New footage !!

This goes over the Stephenville Texas Ufo event from earlier this year. It has new never before seen footage of the event and is an excellent documentary:
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pt 2

pt 3

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Lich said...

I got some experiences with aeroplanes, because many of them fly over town where i live. First: aeroplane have many lights (two on wings, one in middle point between wings, also could have one in front and back) But they all look as one light, some kind of orb, because observer is too far. Second: there is no sound when plane is over 2-3 km from observer. Once i was at night on empty field and i seen strange noiseless orb of coloured light which slowly fly to my direction, when it was close i recognize plane and hear it. Also once i seen when similar obiect suddenly disappear.. but there was clouds this day (fly into clouds) Probably important clue to Stephenville is history, peoples known that before there was ufo and they expect more often ufos to be there (easy fall into mistake by sugestion) But i live in central Europe and probably should dont talk about Texas events :)

Ps. Ufo hunters is my favourite, am waiting for new episode.

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