Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blossum Explains why no lightship ufo arrived on October 14

Ok Guys, Blossum explains herself and why her prediction didn't eventuate, i think this will be the last i post about this:
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Anonymous said...

This lady is a fraud. A con artist. I feel bad for those who put money in her pocket by supporting her products. She's rich because of this. She preys on the UFO community because we all crave for that once in a lifetime mass sighting to prove all skeptics wrong & have them shut the heck up.

Why doesn't she so called "Channel" these beings & asked them what happened? Or how about live taping a channeling for all us to see? Fraud. Plain & simple.

Keep up the great work on! And yes please, no more Blossom Goodchild postings. Cause all your doing is giving her the attention that she wants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this hooker mentally ill
bitch does not deserve any attention from us.
She is out only for money and
Go to hell insane woman.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's a fraud or a kook. I just believe she's learned a hard lesson in the untrustworthiness of channeling. Blossom is the victim of the channelers equivalent of a prank call. When people channel, they have no way of knowing who they're really talking to. I personally believe channeling, telepathy and other similar forms of communication are dangerous because they go thru an interdimensional switchboard that co-exists with the realm some would say is the domain of demons. Who knows? But clearly, Blossom was the victim of a prank call.

Anonymous said...

Ok, she believed it would happen! I thought that people who heard voices were mad?!

Anonymous said...

This woman should be ashamed of herself for deceiving so many people who had put their trust in her. And she is also a very good "actress" at that.

Anonymous said...

I dont blame her, I did hear that in the last three days there has been more ufo sightings all over the world then in a very long time, So maybe this effect of making people aware and look out at night all take a glance at the sky has had a positive, we just cant expect to blame some body cos things dont go so well, Its up for us to see the turth ourselfs in order for us to beleve,

Becky said...

Bravo Blossum. It would have been nice if more leaders had said "I don't have an excuse I am sorry. I am disappointed too." We might not be in so many wars and have so many crisis. Blossoms message before kept telling us to listen only to your own hearts. It's scary when we think we can't trust our own truth as Blossum is now experiencing. I see that in myself. Maybe others do as well. We weren't "perfect" walkers when we first learned to walk. I wasn't able to do algebra in first grade. Maybe we are experiencing a learning curve as we open to new abilities. That means to me that just because a starship didn't show that Blossums whole message is to be thrown out. As I look in my heart much speaks to me and makes me smile and feel good. That is the part that is worth cherishing. It is time to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, reactions so that our actions can be precisely what we want them to be so we can experience life as we want it to be. This goes much deeper than a starship not showing. I think what it is showing is much larger than a starship. The question is can we pull it together, take responsibility for our own lives and let our love and light expand or do we close off the channels again in hate, bitterness, and ugliness. We are all learning here. Can we give each other a break? Live in love and allow each others truth to be as they are and be strong enough in our own truth that we don't look to others to define our truth for us. We do have a choice. What is yours?

Anonymous said...

Well there is some strange shit going on hundreds of ufo sightings
and now this stuff well maby hey did come but it wasnt were it should have been

Anonymous said...


Very well said. Note that I am the Anonymous who posted the 1st comment here. Your reply was very well taken into consideration.


Anonymous said...

Ok, some real good has come out of this. Try compassion for this lady, she has given most of you ufo freaks a great lesson, dont look to others for salvation! look to yourselves. Why do people need aliens to save them? why not try a bit of personal responsibity and save yourselves!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Save face for those book sales, if you act humble enough some people will still believe you.

Nobody MADE her announce to the world lightships were coming on the 14th, yet she openly promoted her message anywhere she could. Tell me again, why should I feel bad for her?

Dean Gillis said...

I think she did it all for the money.

Anonymous said...

I can't even stand listening to this moron for 7 minutes, had to turn it off.

She's seriously whacked. Here's some advice....

Do something with your life that revolves around "real" things!

Until the day aliens or UFOs present themselves without question to the world, how does anyone have the time to follow all this crap?

Anonymous said...


We have prove to be pathetic human beings. We don`t deserve them to show up .

Dont Throw Blossom in to the fire.. I STILL belive in her :) I still belive and i want it to happen!

So dont get mad , find yourself , learn how to belive and seek out your own truth!

Anonymous said...

To the all those people out there who believe or not, have you such little faith, remember keep your intentions positive, keep the vibrations high and trust it shall be so. If we do not see please listen to your body and you shall feel, because yes, in deed they are here, for those of you that have your hearts open and do not judge please continue to keep those channels of white light & love open. Sometimes when people fall in love, is it something they see or is it something they feel?...........Please Trust. Blossom please continue to turst and believe in your truth do not allow others negativity to cloud your perfectly spoken divine guidance, think back to what happened to the three children from Fatima....Love & Light to all......and especially to our friends out there in the great universe.

Semvhu said...

She's a scam artist. More UFO's were sighted because more people were looking for them and thought they saw UFO's. She made the whole thing up just to get some attention, and it worked. She's not the first and she won't be the last. Please, don't be so gullible next time.

Anonymous said...

Screw the federation of losers

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that Americans are distressed and easily persuaded. We're so scared and upset about the way the world is becoming that we're distracting ourselves- heaving our intention into the sky rather than inward. I also believe we're willfully ignorant of science. Could someone please supply empirical evidence for this "vibration" stuff? It's new age rhetoric. Physicists have labored for YEARS earning their degrees... publishing in journals and doing research. Yet the new-age community often calls them closed minded because we don't "believe" in new age rhetoric. My point is, before you go on a binge making assumptions about other dimensions, read some books. Yeah, I know, it's hard to read something that an uneducated quack didn't write... it might even require thinking. The essential problem is that we as a culture are incapable of thinking on a critical basis, of questioning "truth." The reason is, we limit ourselves... we're too lazy to explore other truths (philosophy, science). If you really want to expand your vibrations, stay away from the new-age section for a year (they should call it Children's Books). Read some real science by people with credentials. Then return to the New Age section and approach it with a critical mind. It amazes me that we live in a world that believes in Adam and Eve and "The Fellowship of Light." All it means to me is that American's are too lazy to educate themselves. I'm sorry, but everyone I know that has a good educated and well-rounded mind knew well in advance that the light ship wasn't coming. Why? Because our minds are not small. Read people, read! The bigger your mind is, the bigger the better you'll be able to discern nonsense from substance. You'll spare yourself a lot of misery.

And please, stop sugar -coating this with "messages of love." Blossom speaks as if the world were expecting this lightship. Actually, her audience is quite small. By saying that the situation brought us unity, she's making a rationalization. The truth is, she's got psychological problems and her followers were willfully misinformed. I don't think she's a hoax, she's just disturbed. Read Carl Jung. Yeah, it's a book by someone with credentials, but you might find some solid truth in there. Read Brain Greene and Michio Kaku. They're called Scientists. Want to find out about how spirituality and science merge? Read David Bohm. He has a PHD. He worked for his reputation. He supported his ideas with this weird thing called evidence. Please- if you want to save humanity, don't wait for an outside source. Build your minds. Start a revolution of people who have brains... who question reality and the mutability of truth.

Founding Word said...

I really feel bad for Blossom. My heart goes out to her. I actually believe she fell victim (like so many of us do) to the truth of II Corinthians 11:14. "Satan masquerades himself as an angel of light." I find it interesting that she was in contact with beings who called themselves "of the light" who were contacted via channeling...a medium which tends to bring about manifestations of demonic activity.

Anonymous said...

aresto inutu hertil nobyt muhar shaney

or so they say


Anonymous said...

Well Blossom...

If you channeled and they told you they were coming, why don't you channel again and ask why they didn't show?

Seems reasonable doesn't it?

I don't see a whole lot of sincerity in your message..and all this fluff about love and bringing people together is lost on me!

Where is the love in a false prediction? How can a false prediction bring people together?

If it worked we could all make a bunch of false predictions and spread the love and togetherness like a wildwire.

Here's my guess. Either your chaneling is not all it's cracked up to be, or the ET's have a great sense of humor!

Over and out!

Anonymous said...

She's a fucking cunt. Fuck her.

Troxxin said...

Just think what January 1, 2013 is going to be like when all of the profits have to make a video about why the planet is still here and everyone is still stupid errr I mean unenlightened☺

Learn from this and in the coming years don’t be taken in by profits of doom or profits of love no matter how charismatic they are.

Still I am glad that she owned up to it and not making any BS excuse as to why they did not show up. Also glad to see her telling her followers that they need to help themselves and not look for someone else to do it for them.

Anonymous said...

Im more afraid of the CERN expiriences about big bang and black holes than the 2012 end of the world predictions...I think they are going to do a big mistake...wish Im wrong...

Anonymous said...

In the last vid:
She is sitting on the bed, maybe
she is waiting to meet JOE THE PLUMBER, a very important rapresentative of
since the real aliens did not want
to meet her.

Anonymous said...

I think we all just need one huge giant gonzo group hug ....

no pinching the posterior and no looking down Joe the plumbers Plummer smile ....

and have beautiful day in your neighborhood

Anonymous said...

please join the forum

we need to talk about scammers like this.


I have nothing to do with Matt nore this blog.

But please!! join so i can talk to real people who understand cases like Rendlesham.

As to the rest of you..go join a mad forum/ blog full off nutters who think we can talk to star gods by drinking tea

Anonymous said...

The problem with Ms Goodchild, is she started believing in her own words, so much so she came up with this October 14 thing, truly believing it herself .
Now she has to deal with reality in the real world !!!
Never too old to learn I guess and hope .

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I have no compassion for this loon. If you decide to go out on a limb and that limb breaks, sending you tumbling to the ground, just get up, shut up and go back inside! Most of us never believed this crap anyway, and those that did got just what they deserved. Can we please get back to some serious ufology?

Mocker said...

If she were out to scam people, why would she announce a specific event on a specific date that she knows won't come to pass? She was obviously the victim of a larger hoax.

Has anyone else heard of Project Blue Beam? Google it or do a search on YouTube. Part of it involved a large fake apparition of aliens, and part of it involved transmitting "voices" into people's heads. The military has the technology to do both.

And SOMETHING was going on that night. There was a huge circle of supposed "rain" over Alabama on the radar, when it was actually clear. It's been demonstrated that the military has stuff that jams the radar and looks like rain. Also there were unusually high levels of electromagnetic fields over Alaska that night. That's where the antennas for HAARP are located. (Google that one too, it's fascinating. Did anybody else see the "aurora" in China ten minutes before the earthquake earlier this year?)

Add that to the greater number of UFO sitings and it looks like either a failed run of "Blue Beam" or perhaps a test run to see how many people would believe it. This is about more than some charlatan trying to make a fast buck.

l2 said...

at least she confronts it.

I get the feeling she is honest.

maybe she was a victim of disinfo operation with intra-cranial technology (as if jesus or mohammed or anyone else talks to you in your head directly. this tech is available to blackops).

Anonymous said...

I think that it is not possible
to Intra-Cranial Techonology
since this bitch has no brain.
Maybe, while sitting on her bed,
she hes able of something
complitly different if someone
can pay her 2 Pennies.

Anonymous said...

11:38 AM

you think it is not possible? - i can do things you couldnt even imagine, because you dont know that there are shadows in your experience that keep you from knowing a 'reality' i know.

+ the fact that you are most likely very young because 'brainless' and 'bitch' sounds rather unexperienced and more mouthfull than a real comment

whats all that about one calls life? has the endless space surrounding us really no value? do you really think you'r just here for your sad life? Where in the world really are you if there is a real endless around us.

Go think or go play your ball

Anonymous said...

To the guru at 11:38 AM

It seems to me you are out of your

You no nothing, you think you do.

You are totally wrong about my age
and my non existing sadness.

Talk religion to someone else.

Are you the joker from Australia
or releted to her?

Now, go to play with yourself.

Mocker said...

Don't be too quick to dismiss the idea of demons. They're not just a "religious matter." Many of the medieval stories of demonic encounters are amazingly similar to the modern accounts of alien abductions.

Many UFO researchers have now abandoned the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) for the IDH (interdimensional hypothesis).

Gordon Creighton, former editor of the British journal, Flying Saucer Review, said in 1996:
“There seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from outer space. The whole phenomenon involves a mass of features that conflict with modern science, and many researchers now believe that more than one type of being may be involved, some of them originating from outer space and some of them of an ‘interdimensional’ nature, and consequently possibly from some unknown aspect of our own world...”

You can read more about it here:

Anonymous said...

Aww, I feel so fucking sorry for her. NOT.

John said...

What a sad video. I just posted the following editorial on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those comments that say you must still keep on believing! Just because that one day passed does it mean to you guys that it's never gonna happen ?? It's not blossoms fault it didn't happen. She only did what she felt was right! I know there are many people very disappointed about it but just remember, you must think with your own heads! If you think that she's a liar then what do you care..dont waste your time telling everyone about it and think that what if she really isnt..You guys only see the bad but there has already been a lot of sightings of UFOs at the sky..maybe the day is still coming. One channeling I heard told that the day 14th is just one day but the point is more importantly there is something going on.. It doesnt hurt to believe so much if you dont expect some speciall day.. just wait and you'll see

Anonymous said...

I just wanna tell you all who ever believed in this sighting that think with your hearts and find your hope back. There are MANY reasons to believe this lightship thing is going to happen soon. I red on one webside about this massive meditating thing. So EVERYONE who somewhere deep inside believe in such things I ask you please do this.. you got nothing to loose, do ya? Hope and faith are the things that most matter in entire universe.. Imagine if all that energy in the world meditates and wishes badly it's gonna happen. They feel that energy and maybe this time it's more possible! And the ones that do this..if on that day nothing huge happens dont start to complain it was a lie.. Your believing matters! Everyone can make a difference! And if they dont come... We ourselves have already changed world a better place..Cant you see how much this all brings good within ?? This is the beginning. IF you really thought they were gonna just come after all this time and just like that, change world to be a better place you are really blind. This IS what it's all about! Make us ready for all of this.. lose our hope to find it back.. if you know what I mean? TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE THE ONLY ONES TO MAKE THEIR ARRIVAL POSSIBLE IF WE JUST BELIEVE AND DONT LET DARKNESS TO DEFEAT US BY TAKING AWAY OUR HOPE! When the vibration of our world grows it is the key to them to come for help.
And I dont want to see messages that say I'm crazy because deep inside you all know the're just too afraid to think that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot the most important thing :D The day is 11.11.2008 (for meditating) and the website is

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