Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here come the October 14 Ufo video reports

Ok guys,
Today is judgement day for Blossum Goodchild's October 14 Ufo prediction.
Her predictions have gained so much attention that in faction there's a 1 million (pound) prize bet going against the prediction!.

Suddenly i am now being flooded with people emailing me with new ufo videos all filmed today so something may be happening . In addition the MUFON case reporting system is seeing a large increase in reports today (remember to post any ufo reports you may have direct to MUFON).(And even i saw a Ufo today on my flight to Brasillia)! - realufos.net will keep you updated on all the latest breaking Ufo reports for October the 14th in this post (so come back for updates and post any new sightings in your reply ):

Belgium Amazing Ufo 14 October:

This I just saw through my bedroom window. It was not moving or anything, it just...hang there for about 2 minutes. The movement you see, is me all shaken up. No kidding. Man, it's really happening!!!

another report- Australia Melbourne -a webcam of the sky line shows there are three red lights in a V formation (although the image shows only one object at the moment):
Then late on 13th October (not quite the 14th)  in Japan, Object seen near residential tower...

Keep up to date with what happening in your skies by checking out the live cams below:
Adelaide-Skyline, (Australia)
Melbourne-Skyline (Australia)

Tokyo-Skyline (Japan)


London-Skyline(United Kingdom)

Alabama-Montgomery-Skyline(United State)

Washington, D.C.-Skyline(United State)
Cincinnati-Skyline-(United States)
Colorado-Skyline(United State)
San Francisco-Skyline(United States)
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Anonymous said...

Its supposed to be a HUGE event, not a couple of isolated lights here and there. So activity will increase no matter what just because of the amount of people watching the skies today.

Anonymous said...

Take a close look at the Japan photo and tell me what you see on the lower right side of the building, and then the upper Left corner.

Maybe adjust the contrast?

Anonymous said...

Nothing. These message was clear.
>UNQUESTIONABLE< proof of their existence. So no "if you adjust the contrast you can sort of seee something" bs. Either they show up in a big way or its all a lie.

I really wish for this to happen but I'm not going to believe just any simple little light out there..

Anonymous said...

This is totally going to turn into a "mystery" or she's going to give us all some philosophical bs about the event.

Mourne said...

from the expectations it should be something very big, not a couple of isolated phenomena, there should be a HUGE and steady process for 3 days in lenght, lets watch and see.

Anonymous said...

This all seems to be a very well orchestrated bunch of finally tuned B.S, Im looking but dont see nothing, NOTHING, there are no lights, no objects, no deformations, no snow cones, no nothing, zip, nada, zero........ oh wait, oh it was just a small bird ha ha........ people are so easy to deceive!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING. IS. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Since when has a psychic been right about anything?

Anonymous said...

You guys better come back down on earth and stop dreaming! Watch "Star Trek", the space ship is more "real" there.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Blossom Goodchild commenting on this? Why is she silent today?

Anonymous said...

This is only just to distract people facing the daily problems with life..wars, economy collapse, corruption, violence, etc etc. GET REAL PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

check out
there is some light hovering at the right image, its there since 5 hours now at the same position
or maybe im wrong and its just a thin lantern ? :)

Anonymous said...

damn its gone now, it was about 1cm right of the building in the center, maybe faylight is just getting too bright now to see it

Anonymous said...

The woman who predicted this is merely a megalomania. The belief that one is more powerful, more important than one really is. And that's the best way to sell a book.

Anonymous said...

When did UFO needed mediums?

Aura said...

I have to agree with others on here-this is not what was predicted-these images do not move me one bit. As a believer and eyewitness to a UFO (from less than 100 feet away!) I am tired of all the BS online and people taking advantage of the belief in ETs. Gives Ufology a bad name.

Anonymous said...

What BS, of course on a day that alot more people than normal are looking for UFOs more sightings will be reported. None of these are impresive at all btw. Goodchild must of sold alot more books these past weeks, nice marketing ploy. "Federation of the Light", who comes up with this new age crap?

Anonymous said...

Not only her predictions, even her name sounds phoney.

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