Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Large Ufo over Brasillia Brasil 13 October 2008

Guys you wouldn't believe it.
I am actually travelling at the moment and I have just flown into Brasil right now.
I have decided to keep my eyes on the skies as we are practically in October the 14th now.
At 8.30 pm (october 13th) brasil time our plane was desecending towards Brasilia when myself and a friend spotted what looked like a large meteor or something coming through the atmosphere. It was pretty high up and was above the clouds so could only be spotted from air.

This is footage filmed today in Brasil - note its not mine, its not very good but it may have been the same thing, except what i saw looked more like a meteor and was redder:

It was glowing bright red and had a long trail and most strangely it didn't move at all. We continued to watch the object during the descent of the plane and it remained in its position and didn't move. (I went to take some photos on my iphone but was stopped by the damn stewardess for using a phone!). If anyone else in brasil saw something weird like this please respond to this post. I have seen similar things on youtube like when an object re-enters the atmosphere but they usually don't just stay there. Anyways, this may be my first real ufo sighting!
Just goes to show you you guys - it really does pay to keep your eyes on the skies!
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Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right I don't believe it.... lol

baggy said...

I believe that this Blossom person mentioned something about shaking or vibrations the day before the arrival of the craft or whatever..
if you go to the United states geological survey site USGS.com and go to the latest eathquakes you will see that the virgin islands and puerto rico are literally vibrating . alaska has been shaking for a year but the southern area has just begun to shake i wonder????

C├ęsar said...

I live in brazil man...don't lie please.

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