Thursday, October 16, 2008

Simple advice - keep your eyes on the skies

I was thinking about my first recent Ufo sighting on the plane in Brazil and it made me think that the key to seeing a Ufo is just that - being aware and nothing more. In our modern society we are lead to think that many things we see in the sky can be easily explained as something man made and so we have become so complacent that we often overlook ufo sightings even when they are under our nose!. As you know science is very discouraging of the ufo phenomenon and so of course you would never be taught at school to 'keep an eye out for the unknown' - if you had who knows how many ufos you may have seen by now!. Infact, the Uk ministry of defence states that of all ufo sightings reported 20% can not be explained by science. So all it takes is an open mind and questioning what you see above you.

It doesn't take a trained eye , infrared cameras or special equipment, from my experience anyone can see a ufo if they simply pay attention to the skies. Of course it helps if you have a cell phone camera or recording device near-bye but most importantly you should simply look up and be aware of your environment. As you know Ufo sightings can occur anywhere, in your suburb, down the street or even when your on the plane. So all i ask is that next time you go out , keep your eyes to the skies and you may be surprised! Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

It's about time you figure that out !

Anonymous said...

hey Matt, I guess you're going to be posting this one too :

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... I forgot about this guy too: Billy Eduard Meier !!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a quastion.

Can somebody put together video with only 1 type of UFO:


I think this one is so recognizable
all over the world.

This type looks so real to me.

thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Since I had a close sight in
full daylight, I often watch the
sky. And I live close to a lake with around 20 Km. free sight.
Unfortunatly I recently did not
had new sight.
What I saw some year ago was a
totally silent saucer flyng about
150 Meters above me. Someone managed to take a picture of it,and
the day after it was published in
the local newspaper.

Robert said...

I remember 13/14 years ago when i was 13 and in an English lesson and i saw 3 silver blobs pass the window in a triangular formation, nothing special, but enough for me to get out of my seat and press my nose up against the window and have a better look, much to the surprise and anger of my English teacher, but i didn't care because i've always believed since a young age and always will, so i had to have a better look. But i lost sight of them and now i can't even be sure i what i saw was real?!

So i always look up just to catch a glimpse of something, anything. But i must admit i'm getting pretty frustrated at the lack of activity in my area! Just run of the mill planes!

tattie said...

Hi,I have just found this :-
99% probable fake, but it makes a change from the rest of the junk out there!

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