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Anonymous said...

have a particular interest when this occurred as one night with friends in new zealand we saw three quite distinctive lights aligned with the moon stationary at or about october . i looked the next night about the same time and they were no longer there . any ideas about this?

Anonymous said...

THis is sooooooo fake... The dumb guy gets a little ahead of himself, he starts telling you whats there before it gets there! If ANYONE beleaves this for 2 secs... YOUR DUMB TOO!! This is one of if not the worrrest UFO video ive EVER SEEN!!

And the hole time hes playing with the settings on his camera! Playing with the color and hue and ISO, And he could only see it WITH the camera and not his eyes? That tell you right there!!!

Anonymous said...

This isn't bad footage. The objects look far away, oh but wait its just swamp gas, right?

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