Tuesday, December 16, 2008

History Proves Ufos have been here for ages

Hey Guys
I have posted before about the long history of Ufos in art and history, going back over 2000 years. This video does a little synopsis of the pictures and photos again seen over the years and just goes to show you that Ufos are not a modern pnenomenon
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Anonymous said...

There are definitely funny things in the sky in many religious paintings. What do art historians say this is? I'm sure there are those who could tell you beyond a doubt. I seem to recall that clouds were often represented in very "solid" looking way in older Christian pantings, with the "holy light" emanating from it. I believe that there were artist who were able to paint cloud quite realistically in these times, but in many cases, they were mentored specifically for drawing people, and didn't have the best techniques for painting other subjects. I'm going to to a little research on both the paranormal and the normal and get back to you later on this. Maybe we can deduce what this means rather than getting too carried away lol.

Anonymous said...


This is an excellent website. It presents very intriguing information on the subject of objects like these in Christian paintings. My only qualm with only posting the UFO take on this and other paintings is that it is but one of many opinions.. but it does little more than compare the object to the famous flying saucer shape. But I could also say it's comparable to a football being thrown, and then say, "I knew it! American football has been around for centures! And it was invented in Europe!? Wait.. if that's the case, then how did Europeans eventually start playing it with their feet?? And what a coincidence that the Americans started playing it the "original way"". See what I mean? I made one assumption, made it true in my mind, and then started creating further assumptions and consequently MORE truths.. and before long I wouldn't know where I began. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't make sense to conclude UFO's have been seen for thousands of years because you see something in a painting in the sky with people looking at it. It's just a shape in the sky, and in this case, it's a tribute to a famous scripture as you will see in the link I provide.

But don't get me wrong, this post is intriguing, but just a little silly.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Thats a mothership if I ever seen one.

Anonymous said...

I like finger or the hand above the womans head, pointing towards the " object " or whatever it is...

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