Friday, December 19, 2008

Weird Orbs caught in Texas and China

Recently strange different orbs were caught on tape from around the world - whats your thoughts on these two guys, First one filmed over China,

This one filmed over texas:
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Anonymous said...

Well, that first video is definitely a little weird.. not sure what to make of it. The second video spends too much time just filming boring crowds and talking about the assembly.

Anonymous said...

The first video could just be a spider on or near the lens.

Second could be a bit of plastic sheeting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I considered the spider/bug thing.. maybe there's so much light reflecting off it it looks bulbous..

But I don't think that's it. Plus, they show the light floating from afar between buildings, so it's not a spider LOL unless I saw it wrong.

The plastic sheeting for sure.. warm thermals can scoop anything up. But who knows what it is. We never will lol. Unless a plastic sheeting alien lands.

Anonymous said...

Man, the first video is the type of stuff you should be posting. Forget slow lights in dark skies :P Oh, the the guys with skull who talk like they have a doctorate in anthropology. I come on here and get critical quite a bit, and I'm kind of sorry, but I'm going to be honest. When you have one guy.. with a skull.. who's casually talking about it, literally passing from one professional field to the other, it's really hard to watch :P I realize the field of UFOlogy is a kind of "new science" that basically says that evidence pertaining to UAP needs to be a little more flexible than current science allows, but it doesn't mean write off all we DO know about the natural world lol.

I've been extra harsh lately, but I do enjoy your site.. most of the time haha.

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