Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jaime Maussan's Amazing 2009 UFO footage

This is from a session at the 2009 International UFO Congress Convention - Mexico's Jaime Maussan shows and narrates never-before-seen UFO footage from Mexico and all over the world:

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Anonymous said...

You post this video several times - wasting viewers bandwidth - and it does not deliver what is promised because it cuts out long before anything is shown.

Very dissappointing.

Anonymous said...

how are you to convence any body if you have cut out the video?

Sue said...

I was surfing the net, trying to find ufo updates, and was surprised to see "Jaime Maussan's Amazing 2009 RFO footage." Jaime Maussan has always been a fraud,and because of people like him the public (especially the media) don't take us seriusly.

Anonymous said...

How the hell do u work out he is a fraud lol Backup what u say Sue.i mean i would understand if it was some Tool trying to get a evp or video proof of a ghost where pretty much ALL of it can be faked.How can u fake this kind of stuff when it was been around before this guy was even born.If u believe in this then u would know that we will never find out the real truth unless we all work together ,contradicting each other is not going to help in any case.Thank you for Posting this but i do agree, a lot of this has been cut out,i was more interested in the information that they did not happen to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is the full video but not 100% sure

if it isn't then sorry.

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