Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UFOS in England over Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill is famous for its location and proximity to crop circles. This recent video shows large orbs seen over the hill filmed early in the morning - they may also be 'chinese lanterns' - you decide:
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Anonymous said...

These are not chinese lanterns.

Chinese lanterns ascend and burn out fast and do not move like this or stay in one area.

lanterns = watch?v=99p_e-P8Ztc

If they are anything they are huge hot air balloons that run on propane gas.

This would explain why they seem to appear and disappear as the burners are only used to lift the balloon.

But I have already spoke to people in the area and they have never know of any official hotair balloon events in this area,
So it is still a bit of a mystery.


Anonymous said...

this footage as always impressed me
most ufo footage doesn't but this is creepy

blogger said...

Great video but , i have seen more real videos and there are better cases take a lookat this one.

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