Monday, March 23, 2009

Ufo Orb FILMED LOCHEE DUNDEE 21st March 2009

A new Ufo video:

Driving down the road when i spotted this ufo sphere flying realy low. I filmed this for 4 mins or so. This ufo was flying around 2000 to 3000 feet no sound came from it at all 21 March 2009, 19:27:28
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ErinCarman said...

We live in Harwich in Essex. About 19:40, we saw two UFOs, one after the other, travelling slowly and with soundless movement. They came from the east, stopped near enough overhead and then travelled South at 90 degrees. About two minutes apart. Do you reckon this could be the same thing? Witnessed by several people.

Mikoratee said...

I see one triangle that looks like that before it goes really low near me all the time. every tuesday and thursday when I go to my early college class. My camera sucks taking dark shots though so I can only draw them in put them in my case book.

Rob Smith said...

We live in West Bromwich. At about 21.20, we saw two bright orange orbs fly over our house in exactly the same path, the first very quickly, the second seemed to slow down and rotate before carrying on in the same direction. They were heading in the same direction as the flight paths to Birmingham Airport.

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