Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More of Britain's UFO files just released

More of Britians secret Ufo files were released this week. Sky news reports on this below. 
If you wish to read the files yourself then here is the link.
The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1987–1993. If you want to find out more about close encounters over Heathrow Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites - and what the UK Government thought of it all - then this is the place to be
A quick summary of the latest March 2009 UK Mod files :

The woman reported seeing a glowing, spherical object rise into the air in Norwich after meeting a man who said he came from a planet similar to Earth. In another sighting, a triangular craft hovered then "shot off at 500mph".

Crop circles

In November 1989 a "completely terrified" woman contacted RAF Wattisham in Suffolk to report her close encounter with a man claiming to be an alien.She said she met the fair-haired man with a Scandinavian-type accent as she walked her dog on a sports field.

He told her crop circles were caused by others like him who had travelled to Earth and that the purpose of his visit was friendly.

He then said he had spoken to her because he felt it was important to have contact with humans even though he was told not to.

As the unidentified woman ran home she heard a loud buzzing noise and turned to see a large, spherical object, glowing orange-white, rise steadily until out of sight.More

Pilot death

They also reveal how the MoD abandoned a plan to computerise its records of UFO sightings in case it prompted public concern.

The files dismiss 1992 media reports that the death of a US Air Force pilot was caused by a UFO over the North Sea.

A local newspaper had reported that Capt William Schaffner's last radio messages referred to a conical shape followed by another shape "like a large soccer ball ... made of glass".

The military investigation concluded he misjudged his height as he practised shadowing low-flying targets at night.

Dr David Clarke, UFO expert and journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, said the files showed the MoD was "not the slightest bit interested in aliens".

"They're only interested in the defence implications," he said

"The question is what are the Russians testing and could any of these sightings be something of that kind? As soon as they have eliminated that, they are not interested."
If you wish to read the files yourself then here is the link.
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