Sunday, March 22, 2009

Military jets chase UFO over Arizona March 18

Below is an extract from the Examiner about an amazing new triangle Ufo sighting over Arizona. We are still waiting on video of this sighting to come , if you know of this sighting or have a link to he video please respond to this post.

LAKE HAVASU, AZ - A boomerang or triangular-shaped craft 300 feet in the air made four passes over this town beginning at 7 p.m. March 18, while "fighter jets" followed in formation, according to a witness report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.
Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base is about 60 miles directly west of this area.
A family bar-b-que was interupted as the object made its first pass over the city while four jets trailed "an enormous craft clustered of dozens of amber lights/orbs." The witness said "we could all make out the triagle/boomerage shape because of the stars being blocked out as it passed them and by the small, very faint reddish glow or light at the tip of the 'wing.'"

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Anonymous said...

The comment about the object being a kc-135 refuel jet, I had some problems with the statement. If these jets were low on fuel, why was the Craft in question ahead of the jets? The witnesses claim the Craft in question was very huge, unlike any plane seen. The first pass, the jest were in combat mode, the second pass, scrabbled. If this was a typical exercise, why the different positions? I first thought, the kc-135 explanation was the logical conclusion. When I saw a picture of the kc-135, it looks ordinary, just like another plane. Maybe during the fueling process, the jest come to the kc-135? Why were the jets chasing the Craft?

Anonymous said...

why no comments??????????????????????

Witness said...

As the witness to the afformentioned article, I can tell you that I see the refueling planes in our sky often. At least once a month. I know what it looks like at night and in the day time. I know its flight path and it's SIZE. What I saw that night was so huge, so strangely illuminated and the fighters trying to catch it or pace it were completely out of place to a refueling exercise. The craft was solid and boomerage shaped and over 300 feet wide, 50-80 feet thick...and dead silent. The second pass proved that there was no sound coming from the craft. The jets were all over the place but nowhere near it that time. It was amazing!

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