Sunday, August 09, 2009

Overwhelmed by increase in Ufo reports

Hi all

I am completely overwhelmed at the volume and frequency of new ufo reports, pictures and news coming in. The rate of reports coming has spiked over the past few weeks and i am not sure why?

It takes an enormous amount of time to sift through it all to post the most genuine ones.

If you have time i would appreciate your assistance by submitting the video links(see tab at top of site) the most genuine ufo sightings you may find on sites like,, and the news.

I greatly appreciate the help from those people who already submit daily reports and news to me, its been a big help - thankyou!

Also am I still looking for a good webdesigner to help redesign the site.
If can help please email me again as we are now ready to update the site.

Sadly we haven't been able to secure the domain name which i have been aiming to aquire for a longtime (too expensive), i think it would really give a boost to the site. If anyone out there can possibly offer any assistance with this let me know.


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Anonymous said...

didn't web bot predict a big increase of ufo sightings this summer?

IQXS said...

Indeed it did! And here we are...overwhelmed. Love it! :))

Anonymous said...

could be the fact that most people have had vacation and since its summer people stay out more and longer.
I can give u a prediction. It will be the same next summer ;)

Anonymous said...

Could be that more people look up in the skies at summer when the skies are more likely to be clear and people more likely to be outside. Personally, I have had more than one experience with UFOs, one instance of which there were an additional 700+ similar experiences reported to the police that night.

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