Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ufo over Michigan 8/13/2009

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Anonymous said...

great video of the star and earth moving

Anonymous said...

I live in livingston county michigan. I see the same things almost every clear night. If the person who filmed this. had a tri-pod for their camcorder. you could see that this isnt a star. it and the ones I see frequently over michigan. Move up down and left and right. back and forth erradicly. with no certain movement order. any plane,jet or helicopter has a set flight path. these lights move back and forth for hours. dropping in elevation, climbing and moving horizontally. The stars around them move ith time. but these lights stay generally in the same part of the sky for hours,before they get faint/further and disappear. Sometimes they are the brighteset things in the sky? You can see F.A.A lights, satelites(that look tiny/faint in comparison,with a constant and straight flight path), in the same area's of sky. so its easy to compare what a conventional/normal object looks like. the lights dont strobe like aircraft. I have seen 747's pass behind them at the same elevation(low elevation to land in detroit) several times. These are happening on almost every clear night with increase of occurances now that its cold. also no one else reports them because its too cold out and they mostly occure very earily in the AM. I have had several freinds come and see these lights. So far we dont understands this phenomenon and use skepticism. These lights always either white like this video shows. Or they have a yellow/amber and even red look to them. I know they are definately lower than 20000 feet. Because on a partially clody evening. I could see these objects moving through the small/transparent clouds, lighting the clouds up when its light reflected off and made a nimbus of relected light around it. The cloud ceiling that night was 15000 feet.

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