Sunday, August 09, 2009

UFO in Poland Gdansk on 1st August 2009

Do you live in poland?
RealUfos wants to know if you have seen Ufos there recently like this one this month:

Poster comments;
It was taken by my friend in Gdansk on 01.08.2009 about 2130. Whole event took abut 10 min. Shortly before she start shooting she was on the phone with her mother and suddenly conversation has been terminated and the phone lost the signal, whats more the transmition tower is visable on the movie, its a couple of miles from her. The signal comes shortly after all the objects disappeared Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

that are flying lamps...

Anonymous said...

Chinese lanterns...again?

Anonymous said...

They're lanterns drifting together with the wind.

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