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Was it a Ufo or something else on Dallas Highway Texas on 7th August?

We urgently are looking for more information on this interesting case here at RealUfos .
Please respond to this post if you know anything or heard the radio reports at the time.
- 7th August 2009 Dallas Highway Texas,
A man captures these strange images of what looks like a Ufo being carried by some trucks and surrounded by military vehicles:

Was this a Ufo or some other heavy piece of machinery like the Russian Videos i posted a while ago? How knows. Would like your comments on this one.

Here is the witness comments:
Time: 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm on I-20 in Dallas. Weather was clear. There were numerous witnesses but no names as people were calling into the radio station I was listening to as well as others after I switched stations. My name is James Garza.

I was actually listening to the radio in Irving, TX, when the DJ said that a lot of people where calling in and saying that there was a truck on I-20 with a UFO on the bed of the truck.

It was being followed by what looked like miltary and police.This was kind of like what they do when a big name politician comes into town where they close the highway down for them. I remember they did that for Donald Rumsfeld when he was here about 2 1/2 years ago.

I then switched to another radio station since the one I was listening to went to commerical, and after awhile of listening they said they were getting calls in about the same thing. I don't know if it was for a movie or what, but if it was wouldn't they have closed the highway down before hand?

There were still civilians on the road at the time. I would have sent this sooner, but I don't have Internet at home and have to do it at work.

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Once again if you know anything please respond to this post.
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spacecowboy said...

If it was a UFO and the government did not want that fact known, they would have at least put a tarp over it. It looks like a wide load which would need some sort of escort and if it was a sensitive peice of equipment, I could see it having an escort. The fact that the object is uncovered, however, I think speaks volumes.

Dr Reason said...

base of a francis turbine commonly used in hydro installation ?

large bearing assembly from an industrial rotating machine?

Cowlings to the above ?

there's quite an oil industry in that geo - lots of heavy equipment used... I-20 is a major transport route...

Seems rather a long shot to jump to extra terrestrial conclusions.

Some similar objects,not uncommon:

nick1969 said...

Maybe they did not have time to tarp it. Witnesses say it was smoking or steaming. Who knows? Maybe the dang thing needed to be put on ice before it melts or blows up or cool it down. Why were the unmarked cars rushing through so frantically if it was just a movie prop. I don't know. My theory is that something in there was trapped and they needed to bring it to the UFO jaws of life machine. hahaha

Anonymous said...

This same video appeared on YouTube on June 15, 2009 stating that it was in Russia. Whatever and where ever it is, ther are no chains or straps holding it them the trailers... I'd be afraid it'd fall off and break.

Anonymous said...

This video first appeared on YouTube on June 15th, 2009 and was said to be filmed in Russia. Where ever it is, they are some rookie truck drivers. They forgot to strap or chain down the saucer to the trailer. If it falls off and breaks, they'll be in BIG trouble.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I just found this post. I have been looking for this for ages. I can confirm that this is no flying saucer. It is the Mickey Mouse ear or ears being transported from Disneyland to Disney Studios in Paris which is the studio part of Disneyland Paris. I had seen a documentary recently on the new Disneyland park in Paris and they said that they had to bring the Mickey Mouse ears on trucks down the highways all the way to France. I am very sure that explains it. And come on do you really think a UFO flying saucer would be on a truck visible to passes by?

Anonymous said...

i don't know how anyone can come to a conclusion (when you can't even tell through the blurriness what it is?!!

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