Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mysterious Object on a truck ?

Another great find from Coast to Coast
Spotted on 07/16/2009. Pahranagat Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada on Highway 93 (the Extraterrestrial Highway!)
What could this large oval object be people - does anyone have any ideas?

More photos here

Atleast in the US they have the decency to cover these things up - its Reminds me a bit of that weird thing being transported in russia except they had it all exposed .... remember this one?:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, and they're being so secretive about it! Are you kidding me with this? I've seen dozens of tarp-covered "mysterious objects" being transported by what? Flashing lights, "WIDE-LOAD" signs. police escort in BROAD F-ING DAYLIGHT! I'm almost embarrassed that I've even seen this! Wake me up when there's something worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

maybe they are trying to keep us away from the real thing

michael said...

I watched this object crash on You Tube-UFO Crash ? (NASA). I think this is the same vehichle' Best I have seen YET!!!!!

Andrei Rotariu said...

Man Made For Sure! These things looks brand spanking new, all shiny and shit also on top you can see where the metal and the roof meet that there is a different material used and is not one. From what i heave learnt fro steven greer, there are plenty of these man made ones around.

Anonymous said...

If it is a UFO then why doesn't it just fly to its destination instead of in public view. Many of the triangle (TR3-B) have cloaking. It could cloak-fly its way to destination. This doesn't make sense. How about you?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I just found this post. I have been looking for this for ages. I can confirm that this is no flying saucer. It is the Mickey Mouse ear or ears being transported from Disneyland to Disney Studios in Paris which is the studio part of Disneyland Paris. I had seen a documentary recently on the new Disneyland park in Paris and they said that they had to bring the Mickey Mouse ears on trucks down the highways all the way to France. I am very sure that explains it. And come on do you really think a UFO flying saucer would be on a truck visible to passes by?

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