Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NASA Lunar anomalies - the bases on the moon

As crazy as it sounds its well known that NASA has airbrushed towers and structures from the moon. Its clearly obvious that these towers and structures exist after to you view the images yourself from the US militarys own website see here

Images of the Base on the moon

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Aditya said...

Thank you for posting this stuff ....hopefully lots more people will recognize it. People need to know the TRUTH!

There is evidence that there are artificial constructions and areas on the Moon's surface that are being intentionally obscured from view.

Many people have some of the supposed recovered photos and discovered many anomalous things, such as towers, bases, spaceships, arches and other proofs of previous civilization.

In fact, there are a number of theories surrounding many lunar anomalies and lunar mysteries. Some people believe that aliens once had, or may still have, bases set up on the moon. Some people believe the anomalies are items, other than flags, debris, and hardware that have been left by astronauts on their visits. It is thought that the government knows what these items are, but they simply do not make this information public.


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