Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 UK Crop circles form the ground view

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Anonymous said...

The crop circle business is an enigma. Two points: 1. Whoever is genuninely making these elaborate designs is making them for whose sake? Who are they meant for? If they are for the people of the earth, do the makers of crop circles know for sure that we shall use aeroplanes to read the designs? Or, are they to be studied from the ground itself. 2. Are these designs meant for some other ET civilizations and not for us? This is because, why are we not at all able to understand anything and yet the crop circles are appearing constantly?

l2 said...

People ('pranksters') who make crop circles are, in essence, hooligans.

They DESTROY the crops, and the farmer will have less income because of it.

That's the primary reason why these people will never have my respect, but rather my contempt (actually, my pity).

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