Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ufo makes the news in Russia ? 8th August

No idea what they are saying but the footage is interesting and they have an astronomer to back it up. Think it is in Russian (if anyone can translate it)
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Anonymous said...

sorry for my poor english, but you will understand what im talking about.
in the clip they showing a website with a name and .pl
the .pl stands for poland and for russia they use .ru
i am dutch and i am also dont understand what they saying but maybe it helps you anyway to correct your error

Anonymous said...

it's in polish
i'm not in the mood to translate it completely,but in short it's:
in the area of inowroclaw there were four bright orange u.f.o.'s
the anstronomer just said that they've never seen ufo's,and that usually there is a natural(?) explanation for them.

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