Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Triangle Ufo over SAN ANTONIO,Texas JULY-26-09

Poster comments:
another video clip of a large glowing object filmed over San Antonio,Tx.On July-26-2009 a bright glowing object was observed with No FAA lights seen on this unknown.Unknown object was traveling low in altitude(used the trees and roof tops as a reference point).This object was brightly glowing.When zooming in a bright glowing object can be observed.Unknown object was silently traveling over head passing by stars.Given a refrence of the size and self luminosity of this unknown.At one point it seems to accelerate and goes out of view.

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Anonymous said...

thats called a star, little boy

Anonymous said...

Just looked at activity in the sky over San Antonio, TX on 26 July. *LOADS* of bright satellites, including several Iridium and most significantly, the International Space Station followed closely by a Russian "Progress" vehicle. You don't say what time you spotted this and what direction it is traveling, but almost certain to be one of these things.


It is amazing thaT countless people have been executed on eye witness accounts of crime, but for some reason when it comes to UFO's eye witnesses seem to mean nothing. In a court of law UFO's would be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

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