Saturday, August 29, 2009

UFOs Ovnis near Volcano Arenal Costa Rica 7 News

Why are Ufo's so attracted to volcanoes?.. i have posted on this a few times already... strange connection.. any ideas people?

The avalanche of recent days in the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna de San Carlos, seems to have attracted more than tourists.

Alleged UFOs are etched in amateur videos and photos, because apparently the avalanches and the pastime of many lava flows record have revealed what many believe is something from another world.

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Anonymous said...

it's possible that ufos come and go from underground bases,using volcanoes and from under oceans..

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but this one was not an UFO, just wast Jupiter, i live in costa rica, and this news was a mistake.

You can check out on any astronomy software, just put your location in san jose costa rica and see to the east and you gonna see jupiter.

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