Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ufos spotted over Liberty Lake

Did you see the ufos recently over Liberty lake? Real Ufos wants to know..
please respond to this post

Several families are looking for answers after they saw strange lights in the night sky Wednesday night they swear were signs of a UFO. KXLY4's McKay Allen reports.
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textynn said...

I saw two UFOs in this area one year ago. I saw then in broad daylight up against the background of small mountains. They hovered over a group of trees and just stopped there motionless. They were white and egg shaped. Then one did a loop around the one on the left and speed strait up in the sky and then the other followed and then they both disappeared just a little ways up. Wow. I'm not kidding. I saw them in broad daylight and the way they moved was impossible for the technology we have now. My original post is here.

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