Friday, September 04, 2009

Large bright Ufo capture on cell phone over Changsha China

Changsha public telephone Liu August 28: Yesterday, 2:20, I and my brother out from the cafe to see Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Changsha is the northwest corner over the door, an oval-shaped the rapid rotation of objects, in the flight endurance of a few seconds so, on the speed of fast wander channeling. Is this the legendary UFO?

Appear in the 3,000 meters altitude, as big as a child's fist

At 10:00 on the 28th over, Mr. Liu gave us his evening broadcast to the mobile phone video shot. Video quality in general, but you can clearly see a red oval-shaped objects flying in the night sky up and down movement. After repeatedly watching a few videos, the reporter found that an oval in the screen from the original set into the erection of flat, indicating that flying objects moving at the same time, still high-speed rotation.

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snoops said...

whoa, that's very big and emits a fluerescent kind of light, little like flares! it's so hard to capture stuff in the sky on your cellphone! if they managed to film this, it must have been very bright! I'd love to read a translation.

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