Friday, September 04, 2009

People witness Ufo actually take off in Poland !

On January 19 of this year Adam Maksimov of the town of Jarnoltowek in Poland, near the border with The Czech Republic, saw something he will never forget.

Sometime after midnight he went outside to charge his car battery. He was interrupted by a deafening noise which he likened to rockets blasting off. Then he heard a buzzing sound which he compared to that of a swarm of bees.The noises were followed by silence and then noise and then silence again.
Then a blinding light. At this point Mr Maksimov saw a huge saucer shape craft or UFO, with a triangular glowing blue beam on its underbelly, rise above the ground, sway and eventually shoot up and off into the night sky at an impossible speed.
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Dickos Fortuna said...

Why does this have such a high rating? It's a single photo of SOME person pointing at a field? And the source is in Polish and it's amin english entry is at ALL NEWS WEB... Which seems to be mostly all-crappy-unsupported-UFO-news-web... I really don't get why this has so many stars... Someone enlighten me?!

Anonymous said...

It's just that the guy has a weird moustache and he's uterly popular because of that, that's all...

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