Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hessdalen, Norway

I am quite sure there are flares... but would like to know your opinion... filmed over Hessdalen, Norway
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Anonymous said...

Seems to be flares.

But the photo at the end is an object from Hessdalen take in 2007...

Anonymous said...

Obviously flares. Shouldn't be posted in here.

Anonymous said...


That's not flares. I'm norwegian and Hessedalen is as far as I know not a military area or in any way associated with activities that involves the use of flares. Many people from Hessedalen describe solid flying objects that have landed close to their homes or flown at a slow pace through the valley. Documentaries are available on YouTube. My guess is that the video has captured a natural phenomenon and that is also what the ETs are interested in.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt look like flares.

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