Monday, September 21, 2009

The weird Light in New Jersey , Ohio - NASA rocket?

Live in Ohio, New Jeresy & New York?

We are getting conflicting reports about that object that was seen recently.

Some people are saying it was NASA's rocket in the area called the The Black Brant xii Rocket experiment (NASA’s Night Time Artificial Cloud Study and a Charged Aerosol Release Experiment) but some people disagree that the object could not be a rocket.

Here's a video link to the object seen.

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Anonymous said...

That was not what was seen on the east coast. I saw it and didn't look like that airplane in the video, which is what that video was. You can see the lights clearly in that video and they are consistent with standard lighting scheme for general aviation.

The lights on the east coast were certainly consistent with high level & high velocity release of gases in the Mesosphere. It was a cool show none the less

Anonymous said...

In New York State we all saw a hovering object high in the sky project a cone shaped light and then it shot straight up into the atmosphere.
This was not a rocket!
Freaked us all out!

Anonymous said...

South New Jersey; I seen an orange
colored light in the south eastern
sky yesterday morning between nine and ningthirty am. It looked like the color of a small sun when it is very high. The sky was overcast and the light went under cover. I did not see it move. I knew for sure it was not the sun, because the sun was higher and to the left of the light. If yu asked me what I think I observed, I would have to say a burning rocket.

Pam said...

We were camping in Richwood, WV on 9/19. It was around 8:30 pm when I looked up and saw a light in the sky. It was in the eastern sky. My fellow campers, about 8 of us, all looked up. It appeared to be a helicopter at first but there was no sound. It had a light that moved back and forth the way a spot or search light would. After about 10 seconds the entire thing just disappeared. I checked the next day to see if anyone else saw anything and read about a rocket launch. It was positively not a rocket. It was dead silent and very low in the sky.

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