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Why was NASA's Moon Bombing images not shown live ?

Is it no co-incidence that the Images of NASA's moon bombing and LCROSS Satellite were not shown live as planned? Did something unexpected happen? ... the absence of a dust plume and live images is leaving the mission to much speculation.
Apparently some pictures are slowly coming out in a delayed way to the press but i have yet to see them.

The big live public splash NASA had hoped for did not happen. Screens got fuzz and no immediate pictures of the crash or the 10km plume of lunar dust the mission was all about.

NASA officials said their instruments were working, but the
planned live photos were missing.
Nearly half an hour after the crash, NASA was promising pictures on its website. But at that stage all NASA had was "images on the way in", said NASA spokesman Grey Hautaluoma. People who got up before dawn to look for the crash at Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory exchanged confused looks.

Telescope demonstrator Jim Mahon called the celestial show "anticlimactic". "I was hoping we'd see a flash or a flare," Mr Mahon said. The space agency sent the rocket hull on a 9000km/h kamikaze run to smack into the moon's south pole to kick up a huge plume of lunar dirt and see if water or ice sprayed up from the site.

The first and much bigger crash was supposed to hit with the force of 1.5 tonnes of TNT into crater Cabeus and create a mini-crater about half the size of an Olympic pool.
Dr Colaprete said it would take several days for analysts to evaluate the data and several weeks to determine whether hydrogen-bearing compounds were found.

Until the glitch with live images, NASA was riding high, reporting no trouble at the Ames Research Centre in California.

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. said...

A commenter on ATS made a good observation: the "live" video feed was just a SINGLE photo of the lunar surface, slowly zooming-in...

Clearly the video was bogus.

Subsequent updates mention NO plume after impact.

So what really happened?!

Anonymous said...

Of course we didnt see the impact,
they sent to bomb to destroy the bases on the OTHER side of the moon.

Nasa is nothing more than an extension of the National Defence Department for the USA. NASA is
"NOT" interested in exploring space. Nasa's only interest is to militarize space.


markymint said...

Man was that the biggest load of balls I ever tuned into on every news channel at 12.30 GMT. What a gash load of sweaty gash. A crappy PC simulation? A video clip that didn't "get closer" but rather ZOOMED IN? Some idiots in a PORTA-CABIN trying to high five each other but the other idiots can't be arsed? Man, was this the biggest Never A Staight Answer in history! NASA, you suck! Here's to the IDA. Independent Space Agency. That's something I'm setting up tomorrow, because you're a bunch of lying f***tards. PEACE! ;)

markymint said...

Furthermore.....sorry, this definitely needs a further more... Why did they time the impact so it happened conviniently to er, Western Asia? What about the European Space Agency that are probably the ones who equipped the vehicle - why were they given the middle finger on impact time? Seriously, were there only 9 guys at NASA that were involved on LCROSS? Does a mission like LCROSS only get a wonky cardboard logo inside a rent-a-mission-control™? Surely this impact is the biggest space event in humankind since we landed on the moon, or possibly Mars? Man - I don't buy into this whole "destroying evidence on the moon" thing, but after all the new evidence about NASA giving out scripts and stuff....this looked completely scripted. And in our HD Ready age we can't even beam a decent video from the crashing payload let alone a decent video from the SECOND payload some FOUR MINUTES BEHIND the first....... This was shoddy. This is why NASA TV can only be streamed and not watched on a SKY package. Cos in 20 years time someone will prove it was all full of lies and bullshit. Well, here's to India's lunar impact, in HD, right to the point of impact and aliens giving us this middle finger ;)

Anonymous said...

this sh.t was all scripted as usual they 5uck big time go f... yourelves nasa and keep wasting our time

Humancountdown! said...

All i want to know as a tax getting rob payer all my life is when are we the people of our country usa are going to fight back for our rights , enough already damm it. if it was me or you how lied or break the law all hell is comming down. thats why the usa is f**ked now because of our gov i am fed up!!!!

Sonam said...

Try to see it this way: It keeps us busy and off the streets.

Makusi Peter said...

NASA should be sued for lying for showing a fake picture for a video. And this was a waste of my time.

Makusi Peter said...

NASA should be sued for lying that this was a Live video. What a waste of my time.

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