Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why the Us Airforce will Never admit to Ufos - 'We're not going to revisit it'

This video is a prime example of why there will be NO UFO disclosure by the Us government in the near future. A bad attitude by the military is on full display. They won't even admit to Area 51 when we've all known about it since the early 90's.

What a ridiculous argument to accept the findings of the rigged 1960's Project bluebook as the reason never to investigate - what about all the Ufo sightings since then - they just ignore them?

Why does he go to lengths to insist "we've finished this we are not going to revisit it" - his response makes you wonder what would make them so worried about re-investigating the UFO issue? ... I'm sure the outcomes from a modern study into Ufos completed with todays technology and radar evidence would greatly turn this attitude upside down - and that's exactly the reason why they don't want the issue re-opened!

So conveniently when it comes to Ufo's "Its Case Closed" according to the US government :

This attitude is unacceptable - I simply can't believe the US military and airforce is relying upon the biased & outdated project bluebook still to this day justify their Ufo coverup.

Contact your state and senate representative - write out letters and emails like those from this site, we need to let our governments know this blatant coverup will no longer be accepted.

Lets call on Mr Obama to get an independent panel to re-investigate the Ufo issue again from scratch.


Anonymous said...

I Love it when USA military/ Government embarass them self by giving an extremely stupid cover up, or keep denying the existance of something that's obviouse to everyone...that's prety much admitting that they are freaking dumb....

Anonymous said...

So according to the US Air Force there are no UFO's, that's rich and down right laughable seeing as they devoted so many years investigating them! As I see it they have indeed as much as admitted that there are UFO's by even investigating them in the first place especially with "Project Blue Book" or any other fancy tital they have for their investigating UFO's. If anyone has ever seen some of these "Project Blue Book" reports they know that much of what is typed on the pages is blacked out, and why is it blacked out?? Because the US Air Force and the US Government does not want to explain anything to anyone, especially to "John Q. Public"! My questions to the US Air Force would be this...Why lie about UFO's and your investigations, seeing as several of the government planes are patterned and designed in the same shapes that people have seen in UFO's for years? or..."Why does the US Military and government take it's citizens for such fools that we would believe the US Air Force cover stories dealing with UFO's, after all is it not the US Military that threatend people at Roswell not to talk about what they saw, and then covered it all up with a stupid story about a weather balloon? Well if you ask me any of the cover stories are pure crap, and don't even make a bit of sense at all. What I do know is this UFO's are real and I have seen too many in my life time to not believe in them!

Anonymous said...

Undeniable proof with the evidence to back it up that Nasa along with the Military government knows much more than the average person about the ufo, ebe, et's life on other planetary bodies in our solar system as well as throughout the universe. These video presentations provide irrefutable justification to mark Nasa as disinformation outlet for the United States Military. Apollo 11 footage investigated and proves Nasa had contact with other life forms, they never intended to land on the Moon, nor have they ever. The Missions to the Moon were for military reconnaissance. The military has been the major factor in the cover up since before space exploration. If doubt this information then you need to see this presentation. You will never be in doubt again.