Thursday, October 08, 2009

Colin Andrews - computers hacked & under surveillance

Colin Andrews also known as the 'grandfather of crop circles' (he coined the term 'crop circles' back in the 80's) is the worlds leading crop circle researcher. His pioneering research has often raised eyebrows in government circles and he is not ashamed to speak out about what he knows. However this time it seems Colin's research has touched some very sensitive areas and he's in trouble with people who don't want him to know something:

According to his website:

The three computers that I work with and share data about the Crop Circles, UFO,
Consciousness and 2012 studies have been under systematic attack in the last few days. ALL data was somehow removed from one of the key computers while I was out of town, which has regrettably stopped work (temporarily) on articles planned to have been posting on the website this week

My almost completed 2009 report, which included the update situation surrounding the policeman who allegedly witnessed 'Tall Beings' near Silbury Hill during July, was
also removed. Please be patient while attempts are made to re-source that data - the actual files do seem gone for good. Some recovery of material has been possible from normal backups but I'm afraid not all. The planned releases WILL be posted as soon as possible.

Lets hope Colin remains safe and is able to resume his excellent work. His high profile simply means he's too big to simply disappear!

Colin has infact had a history of 'run ins' with the powers that be - his high profile in the crop circle community means he's been quizzed by the likes of the CIA and other government organisations. (its interesting to note he worked on a grant provided by the Rockefeller foundation on crop circles for some time).
Colin talks about the CIA interviewing him on what he knows about crop circles:

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